While the disciples tried to ward off the children, Jesus called them to him, and said that becoming like them is the key to getting into the kingdom of heaven. We believe that the Gospel is just as important and significant for our kids as it is for us, and CityKids is a children's ministry that brings the love of God into the lives of our children!

We put together lessons and activities that are fun and relevant to our kids, so that they can learn to know God in their own, personal way. The volunteers in CityKids love God, love children, and enjoy being a part of shaping their lives, and they work hard to make sure it's a safe and enjoyable environment for both children and their parents!

First Time Guests
CityKids welcomes all infants, toddlers, or Pre-K children to be checked-in upon arrival. Our volunteers will be standing by to help with this quick and easy process. Elementary aged children are invited to worship with you before being released to join their own class of CityKids, where they will enjoy age-appropriate lessons and activities.