There's a lot of churches out there, and that gets us incredibly excited. But if there are so many churches, why choose Awaken City? What are we trying to do?

We've wrestled a lot with those questions. As we've prayed, listened, and looked for answers, we've come to this conclusion:

Awaken City Church exists to see awakened hearts loving our city.  

That's our vision statement – it's what drives everything we do. Our strategy for making it happen is simple: we believe that it affects our heart, our head, and our hands.

  • When God awakens your heart, everything changes.
    True encounters with God transform our desires and our actions. We want to see people’s lives changed by God, because the change He causes is real and lasting.

  • What we know determines what we do. 
    We aren’t satisfied with simply applauding the truth – we let our beliefs permeate the way we live our lives. We want to put faith in the things God reveals to us and allow it to accomplish His purposes.

  • We look for opportunity and live intentionally. 
    We actively extend our faith to a world that desperately needs a demonstration of the love and power of our God. We want to be in tune with what the Holy Spirit is doing so that we are always more than prepared to bring Kingdom influence in every situation!